The Power of Self Trust

In this TEDx talk, Jesse explores why we are disconnected from our felt-sense and how self-trust can be used as the antidote to our collective fear of feeling deeply. 


The Hard Skills: Self-Trust & Uncertainty

In this episode of The Hard Skills, we will explore what self-trust, how to connect with it, and how to use it to navigate uncertain times or situations. Our guest, Jesse Janelle, will help us explore why so many of us have lost trust in ourselves and how this broken trust impacts leaders.

The Intersection of Leadership and Personal Growth: Authenticity, Self-Trust, and Values Alignment

In this episode of Ideas & Impact, guest Jesse Janelle discusses 3 big ideas: how building self trust begins with awareness, and most importantly awareness in the body; boundaries as a form of self love; and why authentic presence is more valuable and useful than executive presence.

Bringing Emotional Wellness to Leadership with with Alicia Maness & Jesse Janelle

Alicia Maness & Jesse Janelle each share their path to leadership development, the idea of woo -the intuition, the inner wisdom, the spirit- and how they combine these practices in the corporate space.

How To Listen Effectively To Succeed Personally And Professionally

It’s hard to be a good listener. We are programmed to want to talk, and to share. It takes effort to stop and to listen. But anyone who has achieved great success will tell you that listening is such an important quality to have. What are some ways that influential people have learned to listen, to succeed both personally and professionally?

How To Use Pivots To Advance Your Career With Jesse Janelle

Jesse Janelle, HTYC coach, discusses her multiple career pivots and how she ignored what society was telling her she “should do” and paid attention to what she enjoyed doing and what came naturally to her.

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