Jesse Janelle

Founder & CEO

Jesse Janelle

Founder & CEO

Jesse Janelle is the Founder and CEO of Gemini Leadership and creator of the Soul Session method. She is an ICF certified transformational coach and her TEDx Talk on The Power of Self Trust is in the top 2% most viewed talks of all time. Her mission is to help mystic-minded millennials reach new realms of possibility for their lives.

Jesse’s career began as an intern at Harvard Medical School’s Institute of Coaching during its founding years, where she first got immersed in the world of evidence-based coaching research. As her experience and expertise grew, she began consulting with and coaching leaders from top organizations such as McKinsey & Company, Mass General Hospital, The Walt Disney Company, and Amazon, among others. In 2022, she was selected for the inaugural cohort of Forefront, powered by Marshall Goldsmith and the 100 Coaches, for her impact on the field of leadership development.

After 14 years in the coaching world, Jesse has distilled all her learnings from her work in leadership development, psychology, ontology, somatics, and spirituality into a coaching method she calls Soul Sessions. This method is grounded in metaphor coaching and intuitive inquiry, and is faster and more powerful than any coaching you’ve experienced. Better still, this method can be learned and applied to the self without the need for a professional coaching session. Using a surprising tool, tarot cards, Jesse helps soul searching professionals access the wisdom within them and unlock the power of their intuition to make better decisions, faster.

Jesse has a BA in Psychology from Boston College and completed her ICF coach training from the Newfield Network. She lives in North of Boston with her husband and three children. 


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In this TEDx talk, Jesse explored why we are disconnected from our felt sense and how self trust can be used as the antidote to our collective fear of feeling deeply.

"Wow, this presentation really hit home for me… it’s refreshing to hear someone talk about the importance of connecting with our emotions."


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