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1 year of mentorship, coaching, self-study, and community to learn the language of tarot to coach yourself through anything.

Does this sound like you?

Did I get that right? I know because I've been there, too.

My self-trust was broken at a very young age, and for a long time I couldn’t connect with myself. Sure, things looked great on the outside—I was a great student, went to a great school, had a great job, bought the house in the suburbs with my husband and 3 beautiful children. 

I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing because I had no way of telling what I actually wanted to be doing. 

Even worse, once I did start to get to know myself, I didn’t have enough trust build up yet to be able to confidently pursue my dreams. I kept playing small and doubting myself, until I discovered the self-coaching tool that changed my life. 

I started learning tarot cards like one would learn a language—I was learning how to communicate with my intuition through the metaphors, symbols, and archetypes on the cards. I could finally be in conversation with myself and access the wisdom that was within me. And as I started acted upon that wisdom, my self-trust continued to get reinforced. 

I felt a little like Dorothy: “Why my dear, you had the answers within you all along!” 

I never would have expected one little deck of cards to be such a powerful tool in the art of transformational change, but tarot cards have proven to be simplest and fastest path to building self-trust that I have found. 

Tarot-based coaching hasn't just changed my life–I started using the cards in my coaching practice and my clients started seeing immediate impact...

What Others Have to Say

There is nothing more powerful than Tarot-Based Coaching, but don't just take my word for it.


"It's kind of like a coaching session on steroids..."


"How fast we pivoted to talk about what was more important today and needed to be discussed was SHOCKING!"


"Once you asked the questions that were brought up by the cards, I did have answers. And that was validating that I do know what I’m doing and I do know how to answer these questions on my own."


“I loved how the cards guided the conversation, but you offered plenty of coaching observation, and insight.”

After seeing how well my clients were responding to these Soul Sessions, I codified my coaching process into a methodology that I could teach others, so that more people could experience the power of tarot through self-coaching.


Intuition Academy

$1000 for 1 year of membership

1 year of coaching, self-study, and community to learn the language of tarot for self-coaching (aka Soul Sessions)

Over the course of the program, you will...

Deepen your connection to your intuition by learning the language of tarot for self-coaching

Transform self-doubt to self-trust through 1:1 coaching with me & small group sessions with your cohort

Develop a lifelong practice of self discovery through daily rituals and guided self-study

Here's how it works

1:1 Coaching & Unlimited Access

I’ll be your personal coach and mentor throughout the entire program. You’ll receive a 1:1 tarot-based coaching session with me once per quarter and you’ll also have access to me anytime via our community. I’m here to support you and set you up for a lifetime of success with tarot self-coaching. 

Self-Study & Personal Practice

You’ll get access to our online learning hub. Inside, you’ll find resources to support your learning, such as a 100+ page guidebook, a Tarot Journal, worksheets, and meditations. Every time I create a new resource, I add it in here for you! All of these tools will will help guide you through the process of seeing patterns, building connections, and learning the art of making conversation with yourself. 

Community & Weekly Calls

One of the best parts of this program is getting to practice alongside other like-minded learners. We have a private community where you can go to get support from me and your peers. We also weekly group Soul Session practice together (via zoom) and regular group coaching calls where you can get extra coaching from me. 

Unlock your wisdom

"Through coaching, Jesse helped me make the decision to go after my dream. She helped me conquer my fears of transition and was incredible at holding space throughout my journey."
Steph Strine

"I am incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with Jesse. When we started working together I was at a crossroads; unsure of my next step and at a standstill. With Jesse's help, I began to get in touch with my own strengths, motivations, and desires. Suddenly, I could see a future that excited me... Jesse blends her wealth of knowledge with expert listening skills and a genuine desire to help her clients become the best version of themselves. She's a calming presence in a busy word and her grounded approach can bring anyone to a place of clarity, confidence, and empowerment as they move ahead"

"I loved my experience with Jesse SO much! She supported me throughout the whole process and was always there for me when I needed her. Now I'm feeling more confident, less anxious, and I'm approaching new experiences with the bright light Jesse saw in me all along."
Kelly Allen

"Jesse is kind, energetic, warm, and helpful. She goes beyond the question that you asked and gives you the unexpected. Jesse has a very deep presence and connection when she is with you. You truly feel heard – that your concern is her concern."

"Jesse has been so helpful and supportive! She helped me discover my authetnic self, to trust in more moer, and provided me with crucial feedback when I needed to hear it the most. Now I feel so much better in my own skin, as myself."
Lauren Ryan

Take the leap of faith

Still have questions? I've got you covered...

In the realm of personal growth and coaching, tarot is an under-utilized tool to gain wisdom and insight. If you’re not familiar with tarot,  the mention of the word “tarot” likely conjures images of crystal balls, fortune tellers, or witches. But the reality is that the cards are merely a coaching tool that we can use in a form of coaching called metaphor coaching, to deepen self-reflection and significantly speed up the coaching process. 

A tarot deck consists of 78 cards that are rich in symbolism and imagery and archetypes. Without even knowing anything about tarot, you can look at a card and intuit a meaning. There’s a real familiarly and stickiness to the metaphors and archetypes in tarot. The cards are reflections of all the joys and heartbreaks and challenges and changes we all go through. They speak to the human condition in such a powerful and easily accessible way, that they are the perfect tool to use in metaphor coaching and in self-coaching.

Metaphor coaching is an approach to coaching that harnesses the power of metaphors to facilitate a coaching process. Now that sounds very formal. Basically it’s distinct from other coaching methods in that it introduces a third party, the tool (whatever you may be using) as a way to gain perspective and encourage transformational change. 

Metaphor coaching leverages pictures and symbols, such as we find on tarot cards, to aid individuals in their journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It helps the client draw parallels between two seemingly unrelated concepts, so they can connect the dots and see the bigger picture much faster and more easily than you can through traditional coaching. It helps introduce more possibilities for action and can help the client shift their perspective so profoundly and so quickly, which is really unlike any other type of coaching out there.

Let’s talk about the 5 main benefits of tarot-based coaching: 

  • Greater Self-Awareness: Tarot-based coaching is an introspective process and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and underlying beliefs. 
  • Increased Clarity: While the cards don’t provide you with answers, they provide you with the right questions so that you can access the answers that are always within you. 
  • Improved Communication: Using the cards as metaphors, you’re able to draw connections between ideas and challenges and patterns in your life and see the bigger picture. You’ll be able to put words to what you previously couldn’t describe.
  • Deepened Self-Trust: Metaphor coaching with tarot is all about tapping into your own inner wisdom and intuition. Once you start to recognize that all the information you need is within you, and you now have this tool to be able to access it, you don’t need to go searching for outside sources of validation, you can make better decisions faster, and ultimately you can live more authentically.

Quick Transformational Growth: Coaching for transformational growth usually takes a long time, but using tarot as a tool allows that transformation to happen faster. I hear it from every client that I work with and I’ve seen it in my own experience self-coaching with tarot. It introduces a third party into the coaching container that facilitates so many more perspectives and possibilities for action.

In a tarot reading, there is an assumption that the cards have definitive meanings and that the reader has some type of mystical ability to pull a card that connects to a truth about the client. Usually this means telling the client something about their future. That’s not what metaphor coaching with tarot is. In a metaphor coaching process, both the coach and the tool (in this case, tarot cards) are there to elicit wisdom from the client (not from beyond) and create space for shifts in perspective by asking questions and providing reflections. Neither the coach nor the cards provide answers. While I personally think any coaching process benefits from bringing in a spiritual component, especially since the coach, the client, and the tool all exist in an energy field, there’s nothing particularly mystical about tarot-based coaching.

I’m not a medium, a tarot reader, or a witch. I’m a coach. I facilitate transformational change through conversations with my clients, and I use tarot cards as a tool to do that more effectively. While I am spiritual, and I do believe that there is meaning behind the randomness of choosing a particular card at any given point in a conversation, I don’t believe that it’s any mystical power of mine that is driving the process.

There have been several papers published about metaphor coaching. There was one in the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching in 2021 that looked at how metaphor may play a significant role in persuasion and developmental change processes; in relationship building; in challenging assumptions; and in introducing new frames of reference when used in coaching. The team did an analysis on 90 source documents looking at the use of metaphor in coaching, and it revealed some interesting findings. 

“Metaphor seems to be intimately involved with the processes of goal-setting, challenging the client with the status quo, and in designing or visioning a desirable future outcome”

“Metaphor allows a coach to enter into this shared world and/or reflect back to communicate understanding of the client’s developing situation.”

“Metaphor can be used to both neutralize difficulties and provide motivation to provide an effective way for the coach-client to connect on a deep level to support and safely challenge the client’s meaning-making to achieve results.”

“Artful use of metaphor serves to engage client attention on a deep (unconscious) level in co-constructed exploration. Meaning-making and the ambiguity can then be experimented with in the safety of the figurative space.”

“Self-discovery/meaning-making are the result of this supported metaphoric inner world exploration. There is a perceived need within coaching and in developmental coaching, specifically to help people express themselves with more authenticity and to have more authentic dialogue. Perhaps the role of metaphor in this regard has been somewhat unrealised to-date.”

The ultimate conclusion of the paper:

“It is clear from this research that metaphor has a significant role in so-called helping conversations concerning transformation and transformative learning.”

Tarot-Based coaching is a process of coaching the whole person. It works for all kinds of challenges, personal and professional, because this type of coaching operates under the assumption that your mind, body, soul, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, work, family… all of it makes up who you are as a human being and can’t be coached to in a vacuum. That’s part of why we can potentially make so much progress so quickly with tarot-based coaching, because everything is on the table, everything is fair game, and you can start to see the connections and the patterns that permeate through all area of life and when you can transform or shift those, it doesn’t just affect one part of your being, it actually impact who you are and how you show up in the world.

Sorry to disappoint you, no. The cards don’t give you answers, they give you the questions. They provide new perspectives and can take the conversation in unexpected directions. The cards don’t have magical powers and sadly, neither do I. The answers, the wisdom, the insight… it all comes from without YOU.

Self-Coaching is the process of having a conversation with yourself. The hardest part about self-coaching is that you need to be fairly skilled at being able to take a third party perspective and remove yourself from the story and the emotion to provide enough space for you to raise good questions and reflect. This is why a third party tool is really useful to help facilitate a self-coaching process. So a common one is journaling, and journal prompts. The prompts facilitate the self-exploration process and you’re communicating with yourself through writing, gaining insights, and oftentimes it can help you get a new perspective. 

In my opinion, tarot cards are the ultimate self-coaching tool. The symbolizing and the archetypes are easy to intuitively understand, you can build a relationship with the cards and now you have this whole language through which you can communicate with your inner knowing and access that wisdom within you.

You do not need to be spiritual for tarot-based coaching to work for you. 

We’re not using tarot as a tool of divination, it’s not a fortune telling thing. Tarot-based coaching is a form of metaphor coaching, which by itself has nothing to do with spirituality. 

That said, my ideal client and the clients I think this works best for are those who have a willingness to bring their spirit into the conversation. I mean we’re talking about accessing the wisdom within you, so there needs to be some level of belief in what you can’t explain, in something beyond your physical being. If we invite spirit into the conversation with mind and body, we’re bringing in language, and emotion, and somatics, and spirit, then we just have a much richer field from which to surface insights and perspectives, and ultimately lead to transformational change.

Tarot-based coaching is best for anyone who believes that their professional growth is inseparable from personal development. It is a whole person approach to coaching, and it doesn’t operate within the silos that exist for leadership coaching, or life coaching, or spiritual advising, it’s all of it. It’s all of YOU. Tarot-based coaching is a form of metaphor coaching where we’re using the cards as a way of accessing your inner wisdom, so this type of coaching is for anyone who wants to build self-trust, confidence, grow professionally, bring their career or life to the next level, improve relationships with others, get to know themselves better. Whatever wisdom you have locked away, tarot-based coaching can help pull that magic out of you.

While I think almost anyone can benefit from tarot-based coaching, there are a few exceptions. First and foremost, this process does not work if you’re not coachable. If you’re not willing to change, if you’re not curious about who you are, if you’re not open to new possibilities, you’re not going to get any benefits from tarot-based coaching. 

Also, this doesn’t work if you don’t have a belief in something bigger than you. There needs to be some level of trust that you were meant to receive the cards that you get in any given session. That’s a fairly low spiritual bar that most people who are interested in this tend to meet.

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