Tarot-Based Coaching

No fortune telling. Just science.

What we do

Our mission is to help mystic-minded millennials reach new realms of possibility in their lives through applying the science of metaphor coaching and intuitive inquiry.

Meet the founder

Bringing together expertise in leadership development, coaching, psychology, and spirituality.

Founder & CEO

Jesse Janelle

A little bit Harvard, a little bit Hogwarts. 

My coaching career began at Harvard Medical School where I interned for 3 years during at the Institute of Coaching during its founding. Just a few years later, I started my own practice which eventually turned into the firm I run today, Gemini Leadership. 

I started Gemini Leadership because of the duality within me and within the work that I do. My coaching practices are grounded in evidence-based research and there’s a little bit of magic to this work.

What I love most is getting to work with leaders, founders, and other coaches who embrace both citations and sensations. If that’s you, let’s talk. 

"Jesse is a calming presence in a busy word and her grounded approach can bring anyone to a place of clarity, confidence, and empowerment as they move ahead"

Jesse has worked with hundreds of senior leaders from companies such as

The Power of Self Trust

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In this TEDx talk, Jesse explores why we are disconnected from our felt-sense and how self-trust can be used as the antidote to our collective fear of feeling deeply.