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FREE Masterclass: Snag the self-coaching framework I developed after a decade of coaching top leaders on how to become more effective decision makers.

No fortune telling, just applying the science of metaphor coaching.


    Make better decisions faster using the power of metaphor coaching

    "Jesse is a deeply talented and gifted soul.

    Through practical and meaningful methods, Jesse will guide you to that magnificent awareness and trust of your true inner knowing.”

    -Maryanne DiMarco

    "I feel so much more grounded. Now I have this whole toolbox to use to evaluate situations and choose my behavior."
    Meghan M.

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    Hey, soul sister! I'm Jesse Janelle

    Founder & CEO of Gemini Leadership, TEDx speaker, and transformational coach

    I’ve spent over a decade in the coaching world, consulting with and coaching leaders from top organizations such as McKinsey, Mass General Hospital, The Walt Disney Company, Harvard Medical School, and Amazon, among others. I was selected as an inaugural member of Forefront, powered by Marshall Goldsmith and the 100 Coaches, for my impact on the field of leadership development.

    I’ve taken everything I’ve learned helping leaders make better decisions and distilled it into a self-coaching framework that anyone can do at home in under 7 minutes a day. We all have the power to create peace and purpose in our lives, you just need to know how to access it. 

    That’s where my Soul Session framework comes in.

    It combines the science of metaphor coaching with the scientific research methodology of intuitive inquiry, and is delivered using a powerful, yet unexpected tool: tarot cards. 

    I can’t wait to take you through this value-packed Masterclass. You are going to walk away mind blown, motivated, and ready to unlock the power of your intuition to make better, faster decisions!

    "It's kind of like a coaching session on steroids..."
    Joyel Crawford
    "Through coaching, Jesse helped me make the decision to go after my dream. She helped me conquer my fears of transition and was incredible at holding space throughout my journey."
    Steph Strine
    "It's validating that I DO know what I'm doing and I DO know how to answer these [life] questions on my own."
    Brianna Montalto

    With Jesse's help, I began to get in touch with my own strengths, motivations, and desires. Suddenly, I could see a future that excited me... "